Choosing a Diabetic Supplier

The list of suppliers available is fairly large, with each group catering to different diabetic supplies and types of diabetics. The first step is figuring out what type of supplies you are going to be getting immediately and in the long run. This includes continued services. For instance, if you are using a glucose meter, you will inevitably be buying test strips and lancets on a regular basis. These items cost less than the glucose meter and lancing device initially, but are more in the long run. So, you have to account for long term costs as well as your initial costs. A $50-150 glucose meter is little compared to the cost of test strips throughout the year at over $1,000. That is where Medicare can come in to reduce the costs by partially of fully covering your diabetic supplies. A good diabetic supplier will work all of this out for you and give you a flat price with all the discounts and Medicare coverage. The medium to large diabetic suppliers are typically more equipped to handle this sort of paperwork along with lower prices. The online pharmacies deal in larger volumes than any local retail store, therefore their prices are in many circumstances less. Free offers are always a good thing as long as they don't make you sign any contracts. These companies that offer free glucose meters with the purchase of test strips typically have better service and expect once they have your business, you will not want to leave. In this case there are no strings attached except they would like your loyalty to them as a customer.

Medicare Covered Supplies

If you are with Medicare and have diabetes, most diabetic supplies are covered with certain limitations on quantity. This is typically under Part B, but oral diabetic drugs and injectable insulin fall under Part D. You can still get insulin through Part B if you use an external insulin pump. There is a yearly deductable, then you only pay 20% of the costs. Medicare is associated with those 65 and older, but it also helps those with certain disabilities at any age. Another thing to watch out for is the "Medicare-approved Amount". Sometimes adding all the payments up can ammount to less than what the supplier charges. This is typically a problem with insulin because of the rising costs while the coverage does not increase. These are many of the things that a quality supplier would take care of and inform you of all the details. With changes in Medicare along with many other variables, they keep up with these and do the research needed if situation is unique. A good supplier will always look to get you the lowest price as they still get paid and want to keep you happy.


When choosing your diabetic supplies, the type of diabetes you have can factor in what supplies you will be ordering and what type of Medicare Coverage and/or insurance plan you choose. As technology improves, we find more information out about diabetes and in turn better ways to treat it. With this technology, they are branching diabetes into types, such as Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. They are also branching into Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults (LADA). We will get more into these in later articles and how they are different. We will also get more into complications, causes and management of diabetes.


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